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When Does It Make Sense To Buy Premium WordPress Plugins

Working with WordPress can be rewarding as well as exciting. Today WordPress is the most popular website building platform. WordPress provides access to several thousands of free as well as paid plugins which are called as premium WordPress plugins. As a user, often you can confront this question, when must you invest in premium WordPress plugins. Here is what you must know about this topic.

When Does It Make Sense To Buy Premium WordPress Plugins

Free WordPress plugins

WordPress is the most popular among the blogging platforms today. This is due to the healthy ecosystem the platform enjoys in terms of both free and paid plugins. For instance, there are more than 55,000 free plugins you can find around you today. You will not have to pay anything to use these plugins.

Premium WordPress plugins

On the other hand, premium plugins come with a lot of interesting and useful additional features, documentation facilities, regular updates, and priority support. A small licensing fee you are willing to pay for these premium plugins provides you access to a dedicated support, guaranteed updates, and a class of premium features. You also get use a highly developed product, updates, and a full support.

The right approach for beginners

When you are a beginner with WordPress, you need to take a cautious approach until you gain a strong foothold on the platform. There are a number of free versions for most of the best WordPress plugins you can think of. So, do a thorough and extensive research and start with free plugins wherever you can. But when you still have reasons to go for paid plugins, here is the route to go about it.

How to find the best premium WordPress plugins

The official does not sell premium WordPress plugins. You must buy them from their own websites. Since there is an oceanic number of these sites on the internet, you will have a tough time to find out which of them are really good. There are some exclusive sites that provide regular support, reviews, and overviews of many premium WordPress plugins. Go through them and gather as much information as possible before choosing the right premium WordPress plugins.

Not all premium WordPress plugins are good

You must first know that not all premium WordPress plugins are that good. In fact, some of them can thrust a terrible experience on you. Hence you must evaluate a plugin carefully before buying it. First, find out who has developed it and the reputation they already enjoy in the market. Take into account what the users and expert are saying about these plugins. Also, never make the mistake of buying these plugins from unofficial sources like Fiverr. You must always buy them from the site of the official author so that you get the secure version of the plugin you buy.

Paying for the premium WordPress plugins

Premium WordPress plugins come with just one time licensing fee. You do not have to keep paying for it like a periodical subscription. Once you buy one, you can keep using it as long as you want. However, different plugins come with different terms. If you want regular updates beyond one year of purchasing them, some plugins need you to renew your license.


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