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Why A Cultivated Mindset Became a Umbraco Gold Partner

You may not have noticed, and that's how we love it to be, but A Cultivated Mindset is now a Umbraco Gold Partner. While you are not watching, we've gone a step further to advance our technology to allow us to build and support your business. As a Gold Partner, we've attained a level of excellence recognized by Umbraco for the software skills available. 

As a Gold Partner, we are fully supported to deliver on every specific skill set your business will ever require to grow. More importantly, our engineers and developers at A Cultivated Mindset are constantly trained and re-trained on the latest technologies and innovations. That's not to mention the network and connections we've recently acquired just by being a Umbraco Gold Partner. 

Not to sound cliché, but as a Umbraco Gold Partner, we know our onions regarding an ideal Umbraco website. We're now the go-to digital solutions agency for building and maintaining world-class Umbraco websites.

Even since we announced at A Cultivated Mindset that we are now a Umbraco Gold Partner, we've been asked severally by our existing clientele for the reasons for the shift to a new content management system. While we've been able to provide adequate answers to their concerns and inquiries, we consider it appropriate to further enrich our existing and prospective clients with what their business stands to benefit from our new partnership.

Umbraco Values User Experience Above Everything Else

At A Cultivated Mindset, we've tried our hands on numerous Content Management Systems, and without exaggeration, Umbraco is one of the most user-friendly CMS available today. Of the over 80 different CMS out there, there's a reason Umbraco is being touted as "friendly and flexible."

As developers, we love Umbraco as it allows us to build anything out of it. That's endless possibilities and room for creativity to our client's advantage. 

Being an award-winning digital technology solutions firm, A Cultivated Mindset is only interested in making our clients' businesses less cumbersome, and we believe it starts from their websites. 

Umbraco has an editor-friendly workflow that limits friction and ensures a smooth editing experience. We want our clients to have less to worry about when updating their products and content. 

Improved SEO Visibility For Our Clients

We are at that point where 50% of web traffic to your website originates from organic searches. Having a business website with no chance of ranking on Google, DuckDuckGo, and other search engines is no use.

The chance of your business being on the first page of search engines starts from your choice of CMS. That's the edge Umbraco has over most of the other CMS. You can now approach search engine optimization with more confidence than ever before. 

Since Umbraco websites are built from the ground up, it's simpler to make them in a way that search engines can easily crawl. When it comes to internal linking, Umbraco takes care of it. If any link changes, Umbraco automatically updates it. 

Regarding external linking, you have a fast-loading and attractive Umbraco website that other websites would not think twice before linking to. Once you get it right with your SEO page titles, SEO descriptions, sitemaps, and other SEO factors, you are a step ahead of others in terms of SEO. 

In summary, Umbraco can improve website traffic and enhance revenue generation. We've heard of a Denmark-based Umbraco Gold Partner who increased traffic to a client's website by over 300%. This was done simply by working around the on-page optimization and the website's content. 

Umbraco is One Of The Best The Market Has to Offer 

This is not because we are a Umbraco Gold Partner but because we believe that the CMS has the potential to change the face of the internet. As a digital solutions firm, we are only interested in options that help our clients scale and grow their businesses, so we are choosing Umbraco now. 

While it is similar to WordPress, Umbraco has much more to offer than just being a blogging platform. Regardless of the kind of website needed, Umbraco is flexible, intuitive, and powerful enough to handle it. That's why a growing number of blue-chip corporations are shifting to Umbraco. We are talking about Vogue, Warner Brothers, Woodland Trust, Sony, and many others. Umbraco is not just for large corporations but has a lot of room to cater to the flexibility that startups require. 

What anyone would love about Umbraco would be a strong and growing support community that ensures improvements to the CMS daily. Also, unlike other CMS, it is a rarity for Umbraco sites to be a subject of malicious vulnerabilities and threats. Even when there's one, there is a quick response in the release of patches to restore the safety and security of data. 

Build Bespoke eCommerce Stores With Umbraco

You've probably heard that Umbraco is unsuitable for eCommerce since it does not have built-in eCommerce functionalities, but that's not true. Umbraco intentionally focused on building great websites while allowing specialist eCommerce developers to focus on creating eCommerce features. 

You are ready to integrate eCommerce functionalities into your Umbraco websites in a few clicks. There are now numerous plugins, and you won't ever have to go the extra mile in developing e-Commerce modules for your business. 

Final Thoughts

In ways more than a few, Umbraco has given us ample reasons to convince our existing and prospective clients of its edge over dozens of other Content Management Systems. While Umbraco is not without its inherent weaknesses, all of these are trounced by its strengths. 

We are proud to be on the Umbraco side of things at A Cultivated Mindset. 



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