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Why Cable Cars Are The Future Of Public Transport In Cities

The image of a cable car always gets to our minds a hilly tourist terrain and tourists enjoying the scenic beauties from above gliding smoothly from the suspended cabin. The successful launch of cable cars for public transport in some buzzing cities and hard to travel geographies has made us wonder if cable cars have come to indicate the future of public transport, especially in cities. Here are some amazing advantages of cable cars that make them the most preferred mode of transport for the citizens.

Cable cars

The major deployment

La Paz, the capital of Bolivia has got the extensive network of cable cars on the earth named Mi Teleférico that stretches over 11 kilometers. The extension project underway will see it cover 30 kilometers more. Services depart once in every 12 seconds with 10 passengers in each cable car with the maximum capacity of transporting about 6000 passengers in an hour.

Cable car highlights

  1. Bridging tricky terrains is easy with cable cars.

  2. They can easily get people to and from huge mass transit systems.

  3. They are very cheap to construct and maintain.

  4. The sophisticated designs of cable cars can suit extreme weather conditions.

  5. They rule out the nuisance of getting stuck in traffic and reduce the commuting time significantly.

  6. Cable cars feature modular designs and are clean. They run quietly.

  7. They are powered by electricity and not by fuels that pollute the environment.

  8. The cable car neighborhoods report reduced crime rates (noted in the case of Medellín valley, Columbia).

Points to remember

Though cable cars point out to futuristic transport solutions that have a lot more advantages than the traditional transport modes, it is not possible to just copy paste them to suit another city environment. The right way to adopt them for new locations is to integrate them well into the existing travel networks, market properly to the local population and price them suitably to make them more affordable and practicable to serve the underserved communities and all cities at large.

 Mixed responses

The most interesting part of technology is the mixed reaction it is likely to generate in people. Cable cars implemented for mass transit is received with horror and fear on one hand and excitement and merriment on the other. However, making them work successfully in new and challenging environments can be highly rewarding and exciting.



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