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Why The Apple AR Kit Is A Hot Topic For Developers

Augmented reality transforms your surroundings and builds fancier worlds on it. In other words, it greatly augments the way you experience the world around you with your senses. Apple AR kit is a stunning development platform that can help bridge between the user’s real world and the developer’s visual space.

The ultimate purpose of the AR kit for the developers is to create some games and apps that will create augmented reality experiences for the users on iPad and iPhone. Working on Visual-Inertial Odometry (VIO) technique, an AR Kit can help place a virtual object in a real room and create amazing new experiences. Here are the startling advantages of AR Kit.

Apple AR Kit Highlights

  1. Rules out the need for the iOS users to install third-party apps for scanning QR codes as the pre-installed camera app of the iOS 11 does this job.

  2. The two inputs that the VIO blends are the CoreMotion data and the camera sensor data. This helps in quick, stable and accurate motion tracking and let the objects appear as they are placed in real space.

  3. The advanced camera sensor on the AR Kit precisely estimates the light intensity in a given scene and applies the proportionate lighting to the virtual objects. This can help create a highly realistic AR content to the users. This will facilitate more CPU for graphics rendering ensuring a higher visual fidelity.

  4. The highly useful features of AR kit are the SceneKit and Metal support and third-party tools like Unity and Unreal Engine. Hence you will get great levels of detail and amazing visual fidelity.

  5. The processors running the AR Kit are Apple A9 and A10 which are marked by the great performance and ability to create a highly descriptive visual content.

  6. Apple Kit’s promises to the developers are endless and the developmental platform foretells the possibility to develop a lot of exciting games in future.



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