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Why Your App Users are Angry and How to Fix it

Have you ever had to deal with an angry app user? Only those who work in customer service are better positioned to describe the rage of a disgruntled customer.

However, It’s not really the fault of your app users. They have gotten accustomed to the express speed of an average app. They have moved past the days of slow or poor designs; they do not have the patience or perseverance.

There’s also pain and unease for you that comes with seeing your application uninstalled repeatedly. Interestingly, your app users can go into a rage for just a small or trivial reason. However, your job as a brand or app developer is to work around keeping your app users happy all year round.

Let’s talk about a few reasons why you have a growing number of angry app users and how it fix it;

1. Your Mobile App is Slow

We are in the age of 5G internet speed; nothing gets an app user frustrated and angry than having to wait longer than usual. Often, they rarely come back to the app. According to a report, about 48% of app users uninstall an app when it is slow.

For every second your app users have to wait, you are reducing the effectiveness of your call to action. If it takes more than 4 seconds, you are about to lose a user.

Therefore, once you notice your app users are angry because of the speed, you need to know why you have a slow app. Look into your server speed, network latency, library, and encrypted connection.

Immediately you notice an abnormality with your app; you need to address it quickly.

2. Poor Design of The UI/UX

Another cause of frustration for app users could be the design of your app. Once users find it difficult to navigate your app, and locate an aspect of the app, they will be frustrated.

This is why we emphasize having a continuous approach to the improvement of the UX of your mobile app.

No app user wants to be interrupted by autoplay, or pop-ups. This will get them frustrated and disgruntled. When your app is poorly designed, it leads to a frustrating digital experience. The result is that you turn calm people into angry app users.

The way out is simple, don’t stop improving your app design. There’s always something that will require some form of change.

3. Badly Placed Ads

Yes, you have to place ads on your mobile app, but you must be strategic about it. If your app has more ads than functionality and features, you will likely have a problem with your app users.

When smartphones were new, you could place ads anywhere within an app and get away with it. But times and things have changed; today’s app users will not think twice when it comes to uninstalling a mobile app filled with ads.

App users today are not as forgiving or understanding as they were before.

It would help if you found common ground, a compromise. One that does not trigger your users from feeling your app is full of sales and aggressive.

4. Choice Overload

American Psychologist Barry Schwartz discussed the paradox of choice in his book. He believes that leaving people with many choices could trigger frustration and anxiety.

People don’t want to make any choice at all. This is why they will prefer to abandon your app to avoid making a choice.

As much as possible, eliminate the need for choice to the barest minimum in your app.

Final Thoughts

Knowing when a user is frustrated with your mobile app is not difficult. It often starts with rage clicks. You’ll notice on the heat map that users are repeatedly clicking on a button due to frustration.

Regarding mobile app designs, know that it’s beyond good looks. What matters is whether it’s satisfying the users. If you're in need of any app updates please do not hesitate to contact us!



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