A Cultivated Mindset | Our Process
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First there is inspiration, then there is the execution, and finally there is the release.

STEP 1 > > > > >

Brainstorming & Ideas

STEP 2 > > > > >

Concept & Sketches

STEP 3 > > > > >

Design & Development

STEP 4 > > > > >

Marketing & Social

Arguably, the most important person in our process is YOU the Stakeholder, as the Stakeholders are the ones who have desires, wants, and needs, and are the reason A Cultivated Mindset is developing the software in the first place. While the Stakeholders are the most important source of validation for the project, the most important person on our team is the Product Owner (PO). Each project will get one and the Product Owner works with the Stakeholders, represents their interests to the develop and design teams, and is the first person held accountable for the our team’s success. The Product Owner must find a result that will satisfy the Stakeholders’ needs and desires. The Product Owner provides direction and goals for the Team, and prioritizes what will be done.

If you are familiar with these terms then you know about SCRUM, and our process follows the core principles of SCRUM.