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13 Resources That’ll Make You a Better Mobile App Designer

You are likely not to use an app for the second time if it does not appeal to your eyes or score averagely in functionality. Being better as a mobile app designer is the only way the app stays on their phone.

The mobile app design goes a long way to determine the reaction of the user to your app.

Get this straight, the design we refer to goes beyond just the visuals and the app’s feel. It goes deep down to how you can deliver an excellent user experience through the functionality and form.

You are better at mobile app design if you can deliver on the creative vision, as stated by Google. It all starts with enchanting your customer, simplifying the users’ lives, and providing a personalized experience.

Towards the achieving of these goals, we’ve gathered 13 resources that we believe you should leverage as a mobile app designer

1. Lookback

You need to be able to experience how people use your app to deliver a flawless user experience. With Lookback, you can also track bugs and, more importantly, have an idea of improving your design.

2. Unsplash

Looking for high-resolution images to use in your mobile app design or microsite, then head to Unsplash. Deal with the challenge of finding copyright-free images to enhance the visuals of your app.

3. pttrns

Here, you’ll find close to 3000 iPhone and iPad user interface patterns you can deploy for your mobile app designs. With over 2 million page views, pttrns is a top choice among mobile app designers. You can also draw inspiration for your Android designs.

As a free Photoshop tool, it allows you to create app icons for Android, iOS, and OS X. In the tool, you’ll find built-in textures and colors. It can automatically render to various sizes of icons for both Android and iOS.


This is a free iOS design kit provided by InVision that offers document files, components, and templates to further deliver a flawless design for your mobile app.

This is an article you should read at the start of every mobile app design project. It will serve as a reminder of what you need to get right in delivering a unique user experience. You’ve got to avoid the messy obstacles that will come your way as a mobile app designer.

7. Designing Mobile Interfaces by Steven Hoober and Eric Berkman

There are thousands of mobile apps you’ll be competing against. You’ve got to have a mobile app design that stands a chance of competing against others. In this book, you’ll find 76 best practices that have proven to work.

8. Mobile Design Pattern Gallery by Theresa Neil

There are times when you’ll find yourself under immense pressure as a mobile app designer, and you’ll find inspiration. When that time comes, check through the guide by Theresa Neil, where you’ll find over 90 mobile app patterns and over 1000 screenshots.

9. Dribbble

There’s no other design community that boasts of the resources available at Dribbble. You might need to put much effort into what you are looking for, but you’ll eventually find it. Dribbble prides itself as the largest repository of new designs on the web.

10. Behance

Just like Dribbble, you’ll find quite an ample amount of mobile app design inspiration on Behance. Being a portfolio website, there’s always something that will catch your fancy on Behance if you know where to look.

Think of this as a must-have for all mobile web designers. Therein, you’ll find thousands of free and paid icons that can add to your designs’ aesthetics.

12. Chat UI Kit

Whenever you find yourself working on a chat or messaging app, you need to have the Chat UI kit close by. You’ll find not chat templates, designs, and components that you can draw ideas from being a free tool.

13. Rock Hammer

Working on a responsive web project? You’ll need Rock Hammer as it delivers the best, highly responsive web layouts. As a designer, you do not have the luxury of time, and Rock Hammer can serve as bedrock, primer, or template in less time than usual.

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