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5 Reasons Why Your Business Needs an Ecommerce App

If you are given a choice between getting all you want in one click or going through the rigorous process of searching for a website, waiting for it to load, signing in as a user, and then doing your shopping, which would you prefer? Of course, you will choose the first option. In this age of mobility, your business has a higher chance of beating the competition if you own a mobile eCommerce app. Mobile eCommerce has been succinctly termed mCommerce (m-commerce) and is the use of mobile applications to shop online with the aid of a smartphone or a tablet.

In the U.S, 85% of adults own a smartphone, with a person spending an average of 4.5 hours on their phone. Of these smartphone owners, 79% have reported shopping online on their smartphones or tablets. This has increased m-commerce retail sales to $359 billion in the U.S., which is expected to reach $620.97 billion by 2024. Even with all these statistics and data, here are five more reasons your business needs an eCommerce app.

1. Higher Visibility

It isn't easy to attract Millenials and Gen Zers without taking your product to them. Gone are the days when ads on TVs and radios would suffice. You need an app that will be attractive enough to hook people in and functional enough to make them return.

Ecommerce apps can raise brand awareness while simultaneously increasing your market reach. However, before launching your app, you must make provision for the increase in traffic it will bring to your business. This is to balance the demand and supply gap.

2. Boost Customer Satisfaction through Personalized Shopping

There is a chance that two-thirds of your customers will switch to your competitor due to poor customer service if you do not have a mobile app. App users prefer receiving an immediate response to their request than waiting. An app that monitors customers' behavior and provides a personalized experience for them is a sure-fire way of increasing your business's conversion rate.

Mobile eCommerce apps have features like multiple payment modes, easy signup and login, voice shopping, and product descriptions. Based on your customers' purchasing history, you can give personalized shopping recommendations to increase sales. Measuring and understanding performance metrics using analytic tools is the means to better satisfy customers and boost revenue generation.

3. Easier Customer Analytics

Before you can provide a personalized experience to your customers, as explained above, you need to know how to track consumer data analytics. Your eCommerce app makes it easy to track user activity, carry out in-depth analytics, and gain insight into customer behaviors.

You can integrate AI technology into your business app to track key performance indicators or KPIs such as churn rate, net promoter score, customer lifetime value, cart abandonment rate, and customer retention rate.

4. Build Brand Image

That little app icon represents your business. Whenever and wherever anybody sees it, they can easily identify your brand. Therefore, using your app to market your product is just one way to utilize it.

Consumers are easily distracted now more than ever due to an overload of information. To streamline your business ads, you can provide customers with a unique experience when they open your eCommerce application.

More so, how you treat your customers on the app can say a lot about your entire brand identity. Customers are more likely to recommend their favorite apps on social media based on their experience.

5. Business Competitive Advantage

Let's face it; you can't compete favorably with the likes of Amazon, Alibaba, eBay, and Shopee without a mobile app. These global brands did not become household names with their websites or physical storefronts alone; they ensured that their customers shop conveniently using their smartphones and tablets.

With eCommerce apps, barriers like time zones and languages cannot hinder your brand's interaction with its customers.

Final Thoughts

Boosting sales, providing customer satisfaction, and building your brand image and identity are reasons your business needs an eCommerce app.

However, don't forget that you need to prepare to handle a higher demand brought about by a mobile app for your business to sustain the momentum.



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