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7 Tips Toward Successful Ecommerce Website Development

To talk about eCommerce website development, we need to consider happenings in the industry. eCommerce has grown beyond a trend, and it has come to stay. In 2019, the total eCommerce sales in the United States were at $576.5 billion. The pandemic and stay-at-home protocols of 2020 further fueled the growth of the eCommerce industry $759.4 billion

As a brand that wants to take advantage of the industry’s success, you need to prioritize eCommerce website development. You will find yourself running in circles if you don’t get it right with your web designing. There’s no better time to fix your ecommerce website design than now. It will be right in time for the $2 trillion in sales prediction for the eCommerce industry.

This piece is intended for anyone hoping to build an eCommerce website from scratch. However, those who intend to juggle things up for more impact will also benefit. We’ll be providing tips that can help you develop an eCommerce website that truly sells; 

1. Keep It, Super Simple

Look through the top 10 eCommerce websites in the United States with attention on Amazon, Walmart, and eBay. They all have something in common, that is the beauty in simplicity.

When describing Amazon’s success, a Fast Company piece described it as not necessarily beautiful. Instead, Amazon’s website embraced the simplicity of experience. The less the visitors have to see, the easier it is for them to click the buy buttons.

2. Optimize For Mobile

A good number of shoppers still rely on a desktop to access eCommerce websites, mobile users are also growing. Those at 35 years and below have a preference for mobile devices. 

You can’t afford to lose the categories of users that rely on mobile devices. That’s why your eCommerce website development should be mobile responsive. Give everyone an equal opportunity to visit your eCommerce website. 

3. Invest Into Search Engine Optimization

While planning out your eCommerce website development, the focus should be on developing a solid SEO strategy. You are leaving a lot on the table for your competitors as SEO has the highest ROI for eCommerce.

Develop a source of recurring, free, and high-converting traffic through your eCommerce website development. By failing to factor in SEO, you’ll lose out on impression, click, and sales to your competitors.

4. Apply Colour Psychology

Humans are visual creatures, and visual information is processed 60,000 times faster in the human brain. Color plays a significant role in purchasing behavior. Know that whatever color you choose has a direct and immediate impact on your visitors.

In an infographic by Kissmetrics, it was proven that color improves brand recognition by 80%. For your eCommerce website development, emphasis should be placed on color as it’s why most buyers click the order button.

5. What’s The Visitor’s Point of View?

What do visitors expect when they visit an eCommerce website? Approaching eCommerce website development from the angle of visitor’s expectations will help your business excel and compete favorably.

There’s a lot that the visitor expects, but most of it hinges on design. The design will help the speed, product selection, product pages, and check-out process. It’s essential to cover all the bases to have a well-rounded eCommerce website.

6. Buyers Love to See Images

It is established already that using relevant images can increase conversion by as high as 40%. No one wants to order a product they’ve never seen. As much as possible, you need to showcase the product from all angles.

For every product to be listed on your eCommerce website, there must be an adequate professional image. Don’t make your potential buyers hesitant with low-quality pictures of the products. They are even going to be pissed off with none at all.

7. Incorporate Social Proof

Trust is an essential element of an eCommerce business. Right from the onset, you need to help the visitors to trust you. In eCommerce website development, incorporate an avenue to showcase your potential visitors the positive review and feedback from your existing customers.

That’s why you should build a review system with images on your website from the onset. It’s pretty easy for your visitors to trust when they see your dealings with others.

Wrap Up…

No doubt that designing an eCommerce website is not straightforward; many trials and errors will be involved. That’s why you should have a flexible design to be able to make immediate changes.

But with these tips, you have the essential information to build an ideal eCommerce platform.


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