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8 Fun Facts About React Js

In less than a decade of existence, React Js has indeed grown in leaps and bounds. React Js has become the preferred choice of developers. This is confirmed in a 2018 Survey in which developers indicated their preference for React Js. Quite a level of achievement for a technology to achieve in such a short time.

Today, React Js has become the tool of choice for front-end developers. There’s rarely any tool available that delivers the rich experience that is achievable with React Js. More importantly, there is a thriving community in the React ecosystem that serves as an additional support system for developers.

To this end, it has become imperative to bring facts about React Js to the notice noobs and seasoned Js developers. We’ve highlighted 8 of these facts as stated below;

1. React Js is Beyond a Fad

The rate of enterprise adoption of React Js has proven that it’s not just another development fad.

Looking at the pedigree of companies that have adopted React Js, you’ll know it’s not going anytime soon. We can point to over a dozen; Facebook, Bloomberg, Discord, Skype, Instagram, and many others.

2. Not a Framework, But a JavaScript Library

This is one controversy about React Js that we have to put straight. Even though most react professionals term it as a JavaScript framework, the website of React says otherwise.

React Js is a JavaScript library with attributes of a framework. It’s more tilted towards building interfaces than being a framework.

3. Has Thriving Communities of Loyal Users

One interesting fact about React Js is the love developers have for the tool. This love has transformed into close-knitted communities of loyal React Js users.

You’ll also find an abundance of React Js resources everywhere you look; YouTube, GitHub, Coursera, and more.

4. The Fast Speed of Virtual DOM

When put side by side with real DOM, Virtual DOM outperforms the former hands down. What React has done with DOM is to keep a virtual representation of a UI besides syncing with a real DOM.

With React JS, DOM knows when to render or not.

5. There’s a Symbiotic Relationship Between React Js and SEO

You may have to erase the thoughts of mutual exclusiveness of React Js and Search Engine Optimization.

Isomorphic React has proven to be a solution for optimizing single-page applications for SEO. In simple terms, React Js allows JavaScript websites to be crawled like an HTML page.

6. It’s the Leading Front-End Development Tool

It’s beyond just being one of the easiest development tools to learn; there are growing popularity and acceptance of React Js in the development community.

This is why it has climbed above Vue.js and Angular as the most in-demand front end development tool. This could be due to the overall happiness, awareness, ease of use, and many other reasons.

7. React Js Allows for Immutability

Don’t be surprised to know that every component built with React Js has two ways of working with data.

That means you can build both stateless and stateful components. The choice lies in what you are aiming to achieve with the components.

8. Ability to Separate The Concerns

React allows you to work HTML, Js, and CSS as a component. Long before now, these three are always separated in different files.

There is an issue here; there is a school of thought that subscribes to keeping the components separate while others think otherwise.

Final Thoughts on Fun Facts About React Js

While there are more fun facts about React Js, these eight can get you ahead as a React Js developer.

To have a full grasp of the technology, you may have to find time to read React Docs as the best source of information on the tech.


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