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Best Practices For WordPress Startups

Many startups find WordPress business very attractive. We see a lot of them springing up almost everywhere around us. While some of them turn successful, some of them fail. If you are a WordPress startup or aspiring to become one, here are the ways to grab your fair share of the WordPress economy.

Best Practices For WordPress Startups

Get it up and running

Bootstrapping your business, which means getting it up and running without seeking any investors’ support. Since WordPress business is quite cheap to start, there is no reason why you must sign away a portion of your business to some investor. Also, this is perfectly logical since WordPress is completely free and GPL. There is a great community willing to support you behind WordPress. A lot of talented people are involved in WordPress development and support. Once you start making profits, you are not needed to share it with anyone.

Invite feedback

When you are into WordPress business, you can invite feedback from multiple channels, including email, in-app support ticketing, Twitter, and the support forum. Experts in the field say that the user field back is something like gold. They can help you adjust your business by adding up new features. Know that when you make your customers happy, you can do more business and consequently more money. Customer feedback can be the most valuable impetus to develop successful ideas.

Provide an unfailing customer support

Provided the communication and support are good and encouraging; the users are more than willing to deal with bugs in a new product. You must make every effort to see that you care about them. Even if your product is of excellent quality, a poor support system is going to put them down and turn them against you. Stick to timelines, maintain a friendly relationship with polite manners. Invest in new methods to provide support and conduct tests to see if the system works in reality. Ensure there are no technical problems and no delays in support.

Get involved with the WordPress community

Speak, sponsor and give back to take part actively in the WordPress community. Since WordPress comes to your free of cost and provides you a livelihood, involving actively with the WordPress community is a way of saying thanks. Contributing code is just one way of giving your bit. Still, there are also other ways like writing and distributing plugins or themes, submitting a patch, helping on the support forum, reporting bugs, actively looking for bugs and patching them, translate or test WordPress, involving in meet up groups, write tutorials or guides on your blog and many others.

Do market research

Set up a Google form and send it to people to gather feedback. You may also use Gravity Forms provided by WordPress for this purpose. Collate all the information into a spreadsheet and generate graphics. By a well-planned and systematically executed market research, you can gain insights on whether your business idea will work or not. You will get to know people are willing to pay for what.



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