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Can React Native Be The Future Of Mobile App Development?

Mobile app development as an industry is expected to generate $188.9 billion revenue across the globe in 2020 through app stores and in-app advertising. Users are now hoping for faster, better and more innovative apps. While designing quality native apps is a highly time-consuming job, developing cross-platform apps can happen quickly, when the quality can be compromised a bit. React Native is today a popular platform for developing brilliant apps that can rapidly transform the world of mobile.

Understanding React Native

React Native is today maintained by the developers on Instagram and Facebook. It can be understood as the native version of the JavaScript library. It facilitates a faster road to completion and can perform great on targeted platforms. It is straightforward to debug. React Native helps to create mobile apps that are similar to the apps developed using Java or Objective-C. It employs the same kind of fundamental building blocks that the regular iOS and Android Apps make use of.

However, while developing on React Native, these blocks are assembled using React Native and JavaScript. Today React Native has become a highly popular one that has massive community support and market share within a few years of its introduction.

Jeff Meyerson, the champion of the podcast Software Engineering Daily, says React Native will easily overtake the survive the most competitive mobile app development niche and continue to take over a bigger share of the mobile ecosystem. Here we discuss the reasons why React Native can become the future of mobile app development.

Unique advantages of React Native

Cross-platform compatibility

React Native is highly cross-platform compatible. Though originally developed foriOS, it was extended to support Android as well. Today the majority of React Native APIs are cross-platform enabling the developers build both iOS and Android apps on this platform.

Amazing native functionality

Along withJavaScript, React Native can help run most complex apps very smoothly. They can even outperform their native apps. Hence building apps on React Native is a highly viable solution to develop robust apps.

Live updates instantly

The developers can push the updates directly to the user’s phones instead of routing them through the app store update cycle. Hence the users can enjoy the advantages of the updated versions rather immediately and need not deal with the problems connected to the older versions.

Highly user friendly

It is very easy to read React Native. It relies on language fundamental and hence the perfect tool for the native developers who are not that familiar with JavaScript. The different components of React Native like maps and filters are highly useful.

Incredible developer experience

React Native can assure a robust developing environment assuring a great experience for the developers. For beginners, it enables modifications and implementations possible even when the app is running without the need to restart it.

Support by Facebook

Facebook engineering assures great support to React Native. There is a massive developing community behind React Native. This community is continuously improving the framework by setting futuristic goals and promising a bettering technology.



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