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Why You Need to Carryout a Mobile App Redesign in 2022

The story of Starbucks better captures the need for mobile app redesign. Starbucks started in 1971 with a mission to serve specialty coffee to one person, in one cup and one neighborhood at a time. This they have done and currently doing in about 80 countries of the world. That's not where we are going, though.

Starbucks has remained relevant not just because of its specialty cup of coffee but because of its understanding of the natural evolution of designs. In about 50 years of existence, Starbucks has redesigned its logo severally, with the most recent in 2011.

During the last redesign, Starbucks CEO and Chairman stated that the new logo embraces and respects their heritage while making it more suitable for the future.

Just like Starbucks, you cannot afford to be static and stagnant with your mobile app designs. Else, your app will get lost in the sea of mobile apps delivering the same features and functionalities.

In this piece, we'll help you see reasons why you need a mobile app redesign and how to redesign your mobile app;

1. Business Growth and Response to Market Trends

As your business grows, you have to adjust to suit your customers' changing needs and demands. The same applies to mobile apps. If you find that some of the features that worked for you before are no longer in line with your business growth, it is time to carry out a mobile app redesign.

A mobile app redesign may mean adding new functionalities or removing some that are no longer required. One way to stay ahead of the curve is by keeping up with market trends that impact your app. True, you don't need a mobile app redesign every year, but it's essential to do so when some significant development changes how your users interact with the app.

2. New Features and Functionalities

If you want to keep your users happy, you must adapt accordingly as new features and functionalities are added by developers. These changes could be necessary for your business growth and profitability.

A mobile app redesign will also help you stay ahead of the competition. It is a way to show your app users that you value them and are open to innovation. As long as it meets their needs, it's a win-win for everyone involved and for your business as well.

3. Meeting Compliance Requirements

You may need to redesign your mobile app if compliance issues need addressing. These may include changes in security, privacy, and information safety policies that guide your users in using and managing their data.

A mobile app redesign can help you meet these requirements by ensuring that security, privacy, and information safety are taken care of with practical solutions.

4. Improving User Experience and Deliver Flexibility

A mobile app redesign should only be carried out according to users' feedback and needs, creating a better user experience for your customers. This may make them feel that using your app is becoming more accessible and efficient.

Explore a mobile app redesign. It will allow you to build interactive features and include more sophisticated functionalities that were not possible in the previous version of the app. This can also help build a strong brand image that will make your app more popular in the long run.

You must be able to personalize your customer's experience. This can be achieved by offering the end-users the option to choose between various layouts, colors, and other customizable features to improve their overall user experience.

5. Upgrade Your Technology To Maintain User's Satisfaction

Upgrading technology and infrastructure is one of the best motives behind redesigning your app. You don't want to keep your user experience stagnated while other apps are already ahead of you. If you have decided to carry out a mobile app redesign, you will have to comply with the new hardware and software technology requirements.

A mobile app redesign is one way to help maintain customer satisfaction and encourage your users to use your app more often. Keep your users excited by rolling out new designs and features.

Final Words

While we started this piece talking about Starbucks, let's round it up by talking about the changing designs of Instagram. The design team at Instagram understands the importance of moving with the times; that's why Instagram will keep appealing to the needs of its growing users.



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