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How To Optimize The Conversion rate For WordPress

Every website is created to achieve a said purpose. In order to let the websites achieve their goals better, optimizing the site is necessary. Most site owners would be familiar with SEO. Site owners are today aware of how to get the users to visit the site. Nevertheless, the time period lying in between the user landing on the site and registering or buying something is to be given a due focus.

Conversion Rate Optimization (CRO) refers to the process of enhancing the way a user interacts with the site in order to maximize the conversion rates. Here are a few tips to go with CRO. There are two ways to enhance the conversion rate namely increasing the traffic to the site or increasing the number of visitors who convert. Here we discuss how to convert more visitors.

Have clearly defined goals

Define what every page is supposed to achieve. Some of the objectives you might have for a given page include lead generation, social media promotion, branding, sale, advertising a product, providing customer support or news. Avoid loading too many responsibilities on each of the pages. Have a clearly defined single goal for every page. Tune every element of the page to achieve that goal.

Analytics and split testing

As a site owner, you must know how effective a given page is in facilitating conversions and how a particular change can increase or decrease the effectiveness. Whenever you make some change, it is necessary to do split testing to ascertain how the change works. Under this method, you serve the users with different page versions, generally the original and a number of modified alternatives to various users and test which of the pages is able to achieve a greater share of conversions. The page leading to the best results will become the page eventually with more testing and fine-tuning. Hence the process is gradual accomplished in small measurable steps.

Display the call to action prominently

The call to action is an important element of a site that prompts the users to take an action whether it is filling out a form or clicking on a button or link to land on a page. Ensure that the call to action is attractive. At the same time, it must not annoy or distract the users from the main information contained on the page. Sometimes, small changes to the color, placement, and size of the call to action page can lead to big changes in the conversion rates.

Make the best use of landing pages

A landing page is the final point of the funnel that leads the visitors to the site. This must be well-optimized to increase the conversion rates. For instance, call to action displayed on the other pages of the site must lead to the landing pages. Designing the landing page effectively is the main focus on the CRO mission.

Speed up your site

A website can significantly impact the conversion rates. No user is patient enough to wait for the page to load on its own speed. With slow loading pages, the bounce rates are maximum. This can even lead to lost conversions sending bad signals to the search engines. Discover what is actually causing the page to load slowly. Work on these aspects and improve the loading speed to achieve better conversions.



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