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Popular Apps On React Native That Will Interest You

Designed as a JavaScript framework, React Native helps build authentically native apps for popular platforms like Android and iOS. As React Native can very well correspond to the needs of today’s mobile app development market, the most popular platforms find them very useful. By accelerating the app building processes across diverse kinds of platforms, React Native has carved a niche for itself in the industry today. Here are some popular apps depending on React Native.


React Native is in fact the project developed by Facebook for its own needs. The development of React Native follows Facebook’s vision to pool up all the advantages of web development to mobile. This is how React Native was brought to life. Originally developed for iOS, Facebook eventually stretched react Native’s capabilities to support the Android operating systems. Now the library can provide mobile UIs for both the platforms. Presently Facebook is using react Native to develop its Ads Manager app and is seen creating both the iOS and Android versions of them.


Walmart has revised its mobile app into React Native. This initiative has helped the company significantly improve the performance of its apps on iOS and Android. The advantages are the optimum use of resources ensuring economy and quick development. Walmart could leverage the skills of the developers across both the platforms by sharing more than 96% of the codes. With its drive to become the world’s number one retailer, the company has initiated a high-risk move hoping to gain a competitive advantage.


Bloomberg’s latest consumer mobile app for Android and iOS provide a well-structured and highly engaging experience to the users enabling a personalized content, live feeds and videos that are featured across Bloomberg. The user access is also highly simplified now. In order to develop this app, Bloomberg deployed a strategic mobile app development framework. React Native technology promises them the luxury of cross-platform native app development.


In a challenging move, Instagram integrated React Native into their existing native app starting with the simplest view you can think of. For example, the push notification view was implemented as the Web view. This process did not need a navigation infrastructure since the UI was very simple. During a tough process, Instagram could significantly improve the developer velocity. Depending on products, about 85% of the codes were shared between the Android and iOS apps thereby delivering the app much faster than how they would have done it with their native solution.


The way Townske works is by connecting you with locals to gather a list of their favorite places. This helps in creating a curated list of places to experience like the locals do it. The users need not have an account and this is a great news. This helps in quickly finding the next location you want to visit. Especially when you are running out of battery power or Wi-Fi connectivity, this is a cool feature to come to your rescue. Townske finds React Native highly useful since it is UI focused that makes it more like a JavaScript library rather than just a framework.



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