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Popular WordPress Backup Plugins You Can Bank On

WordPress Backup regularly is something that you cannot overlook the safety of your site. Only when you have backed up your website, you can stay at peace if your site gets hacked or you lock yourself out. Here are some popular WordPress backup plugins you can depend on, and you will find useful and easy to use.

Popular WordPress Backup Plugins You Can Bank On

Why this discussion

No doubt, WordPress hosting providers provide backup services. However, I know that this is a limited backup service. It is your sole responsibility to take steps to back up your site. You cannot wholly rely on the hosting providers only for your website back up.


If you look for the most popular WordPress plugin available in the premium class, the answer to your search is BackupBuddy. This program allows you to schedule daily, weekly, or monthly backups so quickly. It can also help store your backups automatically in Amazon S3, Cloud, Dropbox, Rackspace FTP, your email, and Stash. Stash is their cloud service. If you choose to use Stash service, it is possible to enjoy real-time backups. BackupBuddy does not need a subscription, and hence there is no monthly fee to use it. You can use the plugin on some sites you have mentioned in the plan. You can get access to 1GB of cloud storage, regular updates, and premium class support forums. It is possible to use BackupBuddy for restoring websites, migrating, and duplicating.


UpdraftPlus is a WordPress backup plugin that is free to use. You can create a complete backup of your site and store it on the cloud. You can also choose to download it on your computer. There are two approaches possible for reserves with UpDraft plus namely scheduling backups and on-demand backups. There is a possibility to choose files for backup. The backups done by UpdraftPlus can be automatically uploaded to Dropbox, SFTP, Rackspace, Google Drive, S3, FTP, email, and many other cloud storage options. The plugin is also available as a premium paid version that can provide useful add-ons for migrating or cloning the site, multisite support, replacing, and database search.


Backup is one another free to use a plugin that can let you enjoy a complete WordPress backup of your site without any spending. The backup can be stored on to the cloud in Dropbox, Amazon S3, FTP, Rackspace, email, or on your computer. Depending on your site’s update frequency, you can also schedule automatic backups. This plugin also makes it very easy to restore a WordPress site from a backup. Coming with priority support, the Pro version of BackWPUp provides priority support and some cool features you will find useful. You can also use it to store the backups on Google Drive.

Take home

While you have invested a significant amount of effort, knowledge resources, and money in designing and running your WordPress website, WordPress site backup is something you cannot ignore in today’s scenario. If you have not been backing up your site so far, it is time to choose one of these backup plugins and schedule a regular backup for your site for more safety and complete peace of mind.



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