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Some Basic Tips to Illustrate Better

Different designers and illustrators have a different approach to their work. The process is never similar, but specific common grounds or steps are helpful to make it smoother, sufficient and even better. In this article, you will get to know basic tips that could help you illustrate better designs.

Adobe Illustrator is the most commonly used software for such tasks and these tips are easily applied to this software. As you grow in confidence using the software, you will be more comfortable with various tools and shortcuts, which come handy when you want things done in a time-efficient way.

  1. Every brand or business has a definite choice of colors. So, for every illustration that you will make, you will have defined set of colors to use. However, apart from that, you should also have the color palette ready for the stroke color and color you would use for shading.

  2. The stroke should be the darkest color while shading helps in adding depth in the illustration, even if you are not using gradient colors. The shading color is always better if you choose certain opacity of the stroke color.

  3. Make consistent stroke width in the illustration. It will give a better look.

  4. Try manipulating the figures instead of drawing them all the time with the pen tool. Pathfinder tool is a great one for this.

There are many other such tips that you could find floating on the internet provided by different illustrators and designers. The basic idea is to keep few things common while exploring the software and also bringing your own creativity in the process of creating an illustration. Don’t limit your mind by guidelines or tips if you feel you could do things in an easier or better way. Go forward and try it out—maybe, you are about to develop a new tip for future users!



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