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Some features in WordPress that might interest you

The release of WordPress just a few days back has triggered a lot of anticipations amidst a huge favorite of users. It is said that the newest version of the development platform has several significant changes and a lot of improvements. Here are a few top highlights about the most recent changes in WordPress.

WordPress 5.0 is a major release

This time WordPress 5.0 is a major release from the open-source giant, and if you are not on a managed WordPress hosting service, you must initiate the update manually. It is important to get a complete WordPress backup before you update.

Gutenberg, the new editor is up now

The much-awaited Gutenberg integration with WordPress has happened in WordPress 5.0and this is a block-based editor that can permit creating wonderful layouts with the help of content blocks. The new editor provides a streamlined writing experience, and each content element is wrapped in a block. The user can now tour around the editor for changing the settings and make highly engaging layouts without having to write any code. The different blocks you will find on Gutenberg are blocks meant for adding images, photos, cover images, lists, media, buttons, texts, audio, and others. Since each of the blocks come with their toolbar and settings, it is possible to change the colors, width, and other attributes.

The new update to the Widgets

The blocks of the Gutenberg editor come with widgets making it easy to add some shortcodes, recent comments, recent posts, archives, and categories. If you have added shortcodes to the articles you posted, you can also use them as blocks. Embedding is much easier now with the new editor. You have to expand the embeds section by clicking on the add block button to see the embed options the platform supports. Hence you will now find adding videos, tweets, and Facebook embeds much easier.

What to do with the side bar

If you find the sidebar of WordPress admin a bit distracting, you can switch to the full-screen mode that is free of any distractions. This will hide the WordPress admin sidebar and give you more room to design your content. The regular post-editing features are found tucked under the sidebar. This list includes permalink or post-slug, tags and categories, excerpt, publishing, and saving options.

Creating and reusing the blocks

If you need to add the same style or content very often, it is possible to save them now as reusable blocks for using later when you need them. You have to edit a block that you want to make it reusable. When you are satisfied with it, you can click on the menu dots you will find on the block and click on ‘Add to reusable blocks.’ You need to provide a name for this block for WordPress to save it as are usable block. You can find it under the Add Blocks button, and you can also reuse it for other posts.



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