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The Biggest Problem With React Native, And How You Can Fix It

Everyone kept quiet about the issues with React Native until 2018 when AirBnB, Udacity, and a few others decided to move off. This exodus was the peak of it all, and it revealed some of the limitations of React Native.

The fact is that there’s rarely a platform without a limitation. However, you’ll be saving yourself much mental stress if you understand these problems beforehand. Or maybe a step further on fixing these problems. Here’s a rundown of some of the biggest problem with React Native and possible solutions;

1. Development Server Error

This is one of the problems you’ll have likely encountered in using React Native. You’ll get an error message; could not connect to the development server. Not to worry, know the problem if from your metro bundler and can be fixed just by restarting it.

Just close your metro bundler and go to the project directory. From there, click command to do a restart. Voila! You are good to go. That’s how to solve one of the biggest problem with react native.

2. Packages Not Properly Installed

This is a library error and comes up when using the React Native firebase library. For example, when working on push notifications, you may like to come across an issue such as Firebase.h not found. It’s a two-way problem; either your library is not well installed or linked.

The solution is simple, re-install, and re-link your library. Please do it manually rather than automatically.

3. App Registry Error

Have you seen an error message; Your App is not registered when you create an application and run it. The problem can be traced to the core processes while creating the app. All you have to do is correct the name in the app.json file, and you’ll see the problem never again.

4. Undefined is Not an Object

While this problem may appear trivial, it’s can still be distracting for most developers. What the issue you are dealing with signifies is that not all of your references are well defined or declared correctly.

All it’ll take is fix the references or declare it, and you’ll be firing from all cylinders again.

Final Thoughts

Your journey of issues will always be endless as a React Native developer. What is essential is embracing and working your way around these issues. Despite the problems with React Native, you cannot overlook some of its unique strengths and benefits.


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