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The Next Big Thing in Mobile App Design

The world has grown increasingly dependent on mobile applications; about half of internet traffic comes from mobile devices. This is in addition to the $188.9 Billion revenue mobile applications are expected to generate.

To this end, businesses have adapted to fluid mobile app development to stay competitive. More than ever before, mobile app design will evolve at a faster pace. In the bid to stay ahead, businesses have to stay ahead of tech trends.

For 2020 and beyond, the following are trends that businesses have to align within mobile app design;

1. Location Tracking and Motion Sensing

While location tracking is not a new trend in mobile app design, it will be a huge determinant of what mobile app functionalities henceforth. Through location tracking, e-commerce businesses will be able to deliver products. The same goes for motion sensing, which is heavily utilized in health wearables.

Other aspects where location tracking and motion sensing are utilized heavily include gaming, security, navigation, and mapping.

2. Blockchain

While Blockchain technology has popularized cryptocurrency, there’s rarely any sector that the technology does not interest. The beauty of Blockchain lies in its ability to help streamline data management without jeopardizing efficiency.

Mobile App developers are going to be leveraging on Blockchain for micro-payments and smart contracts. Blockchain holds immense possibilities and potentials for numerous industries. This is more reason why the utilization of Blockchain technology is one of the next big thing in mobile app design.

3. Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The Artificial Intelligence industry expected to reach $40 billion by the end of 2020. This will form an essential aspect of mobile app development. AI will act as the bridge between humans and machines. More reason why chatbots and virtual assistant is on the rise in mobile apps.

While there are still vast parts of machine learning yet to be discovered. Nonetheless, the technology will open up immense possibilities in mobile app design.

4. Human Behaviour Modelling

Just like machine learning and artificial intelligence, human behavior modeling seeks to develop social computational algorithms. It’s all about being able to predict the digital behavior of humans.

This is indeed one of the next big things in mobile app design. The ability to program perceptual steps of users. In the end, this trend will be useful in the conciliation of digital identity and behaviors.

Final Thoughts

While mobile apps are the reigning techs right now, it’s not going away for a long time. Not until a superior technology appears.

Although no one is sure of what the next superior technology will be. Until then, mobile apps will continue to have the same level of impact on business, governance, and lifestyle.


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