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The Process of Becoming A React Native Developer

If you have decided to become a React Native Developer, you are in line with those successful professionals who are investing in a giant wave to boost up their career prospects. Here is a guide that will make your React Native Developer dream come true easily in a systematic way.

Learn JavaScript

React Native is built to rest on React Framework. Hence before plunging into the learning of React Native, you must first gain familiarity with React. Know that it is rather not that easy to learn React without the knowledge of JavaScript. Hence your first step to learning to develop on React Native is to learn JavaScript.

Learn the fundamentals of ES2015+ (ES6+)

After mastering the fundamentals of JavaScript, you must start learning the latest version of the ECMAScript standard. Though you might not have to use ES^+ in React Native, it is an innovative and easy way to go for JavaScript. While building react Native apps, this can support you in a great way. ES6+ (ESNext) is found packed with a number of features and syntactic elements that will make your coding experience a lot more handy and easier.

Learn React

After gaining familiarity with JavaScript and ES6+ ecosystem, you can move on to learning React. In the first place, learn React Js that features the same interface like React Native. It is advisable to learn it from one or two tutorials so that you can get hold of the fundamentals from different angles.

Get started with React Native

Once you know the fundamentals of working with react, now you must get started with React Native. You have access to a large number of online sources both free of cost or on paid modes to learn react Native. Do some research and find the right ones that will get you through acquiring a good working knowledge on React Native.

Start Building React Native Apps

On your journey to becoming a successful react Native developer, you will come across a number of challenges. The transition period from learning the codes to the actual building on React Native can be tough as well as exciting. You must find the right resources to learn developing on react Native.

State management and React Native

In any serious kind of app, state management is a very important aspect. If you are familiar with mobile app development, you will know that every component of an app has its own state. While building small apps, state management is not that difficult when you can manage the states with the help of props. On the other hand, a real-time mobile app will make it necessary for your state to be fully accessible throughout the entire app. Redux and MobX are two popular state management libraries for react Native.

After learning to develop a simple app on React Native, you must prepare yourself for some complex app scenarios. When your apps will develop and become more complex, you must choose a reliable architecture that gives room for scalability and will help maintain any issues in future. Redux will help you at this stage.



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