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Top 5 Wix Alternatives and Why Wix Is the King!

Wix is truly king, but that does not mean there are no worthy Wix alternatives. There's rarely a better website builder out there that beats Wix but let's see what the other options offer. Our approach will be to do an overview of these Wix alternatives and what they do best. 

Before then, let's do a quick recap of Wix as a website builder. Launched in Tel Aviv in 2006 as a drag and drop website builder, Wix has grown in leap and bounds ever since. It has helped businesses create a noticeable internet presence without leaving a big hole in their spendings. Nonetheless, Wix is not the only website builder; it's just the first among equals. 

For every website builder, there is a strength and weakness. Choosing a website builder should a factor of what you need out of it. Do you need it for a blog, an ecommerce platform, or just a point of contact for your business? 

Here are 5 of our favorite Wix alternatives; 

1. WordPress

Powering over 40% of the world's websites, WordPress is a worthy Wix alternative. The strength of WP lies in being open-sourced, enabling third-party modifications, reuse and distribution.  The ability to customize to suit your needs with about 50,000 plugins is one reason why millions love it. Although, unlike Wix, you'll need a bit of technical know-how to get the best out of WordPress. It's not an out-of-the-box website builder.  

2. Squarespace

This Wix alternative is best for creating beautiful and straightforward features. It shares similar features with Wix, making it one of the closest Wix competitors. You have access to the mobile-optimized templates and close to 300 apps for website customization. 

However, to achieve the good looks Squarespace is known for, you'll need professional images. This can be sourced from Pixabay and Unsplash. If you intend to use Squarespace for eCommerce, you will need to set up Stripe or Paypal as Squarespace does not have its payment gateway. 

3. SITE123

While it may appear basic, the features and customizations of SITE123 are pretty superb. All the tools you need to create a fully functional website, even with ecommerce and multi-lingual features, are available.  Even though SITE123 is perfect for a personal or small business website, you can use any of the 180 well-designed templates with the right skills. Even the free plan is good enough for building a website. 

4. Shopify

It was started in 2004 to bridge the poor online shopping experience. Since then, Shopify has grown to become one of the famous ecommerce website builders. In the eCommerce niche, the Wix alternative controls 20% of the market. It offers arrays of online selling tools, integration with other platforms, and an exciting analytics dashboard. However, Shopify is limited in design capabilities as it's only for building eCommerce stores. 

5. GoDaddy

GoDaddy has established itself as one of the most trusted web hosts and domain providers in the world today. The advantage GoDaddy has over all other Wix alternatives is the ability to manage everything from one touchpoint. 

You should have a fully functional website up and running using the GoDaddy website builder in a matter of hours. However, your options are limited in design and flexibility and not also advised for eCommerce purposes. 

Why Wix Is the King!

These are the five website builders we believe have all it takes to give Wix a run for its money. We've considered these options from the angle of strengths and weaknesses. Now, it's time to reveal why Wix is King as a website builder. 

Over the last few years, Wix has grown into one of the most prominent players in the website building landscape. Today, there are about 165 million websites built with Wix. Of course, there are worthy competitors, which we've listed up there, but we still believe that Wix is King. 

Here’s the reason for our conclusion;






Design and Customization

With close to a thousand templates to choose from, Wix allows for customization and tweaks to suit your taste.

These templates are sleek, modern and can be chosen according to your industry.



Ease of Use

With zero coding skills, you can come up with an excellent website. It's a drag-and-drop website builder that is enabled to develop a website tailored to your needs.

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence tool is even available to make your job easier, faster, and swifter.



​Features and Widgets

All you need in a website builder is available on Wix. Starting with the ability to connect or point your existing domain to the numerous apps in the Wix App Market.

In the areas of ecommerce, SEO, security, and website analytics, Wix has also provided the needed tools.




There's always a means of finding your way on Wix. Through the detailed FAQ, email, and telephone channel, there's always someone on the other side with the task of helping you.

A live chat tool could have been better, though.


Final Thoughts

Wix is indeed a smart website builder with the non-stop improvements and updates, it has become a cool tool in the hands of the smart ones. The website builder is not leaving any stone unturned in the bid to make life easier for their growing users.

If you place high premium on your creative freedom alongside ease of use, Wix is the website builder for you.



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