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Why is Usability Design Important for any Product?

The simple definition of ‘Usability’ of any product, as clear from the name itself, is the degree of ease and satisfaction a user gets when he/she uses the product in a particular scenario for a specific task or objective.

If the product has a higher degree of ‘usability,’ the users will like it, and there are higher chances of the product getting popular and being sold. That’s why it is one of the most beneficial and necessary aspects that any UI/UX designer needs to consider while designing a product.

Further, whether it is a product, a website or even a form that needs to be filled by the user, ‘usability’ of the design is one of the paramount metrics that designers and product managers need to focus on coupled with aesthetics and other similarly crucial elements of flawless design.

What constitutes a ‘Usability’ design?

Some of the points that a UI/UX designer has to keep in mind include:

  1. The design should assist the user in operating the product easily

  2. There should be complete visual clarity

  3. The design should be helpful in error prevention

  4. The user should feel a sense of freedom and control while using the product instead of feeling insecure about a new and align environment

  5. As much as possible, the design should have a match between the system and the real world

Usability Design Thrives on Usability testing

Usability testing helps in ascertaining that the users’ expectations are met, matching the product with the real-world, and removing flaws. The best ‘usability’ designing comes through iteration of design elements through usability testing, which is done involving real users of the product. The feedback provided by these real users will give any designer valuable inputs about the ease, efficiency, and satisfaction that they feel while using the product. Based on these inputs, the designer can quickly improve and achieve the maximum degree of usability.



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