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Will Design Thinking Ever Rule the World?

There are two movements to design thinking; those who believe design thinking is absurd, and the second group who believe in designers’ ability to rule the world. The focus of the piece will be on the potential of design thinking to rule the world now and in the future.

You may not have realized, but for a while now, design thinking has taken the centerpiece in large organizations, now situated at the heart of the enterprise. It’s not about changing the enterprise’s aesthetics, but a focus on changing how things work.

In not too distant future, design thinkers are in a position to rule the world. While design thinking still holds an important place in our everyday life, the future stands a lot to benefit. Even though it’s always a struggle to fully grasp the scope, processes, and methodology of design. In the 1960s, efforts have been made to scientize design, and not much success was recorded.

The problem with design thinking is the inability to replicate the processes. You know, creativity is the highest form of intelligence. In the instance of design thinking, it’s a form of intelligence that is not easily replicated by machines.

Without design thinking, the world is on the verge of stagnation as we are likely to reproduce past results. While the repetition of processes may be useful, it’s not enough to lead us to the future. This is why we should further explore the potential of design thinkers and creatives to rule the world in the future;

1. Ability to Solve Complex Problems Through Creativity and Innovation

Often, there is a need to create a connection between problems and solutions, which is best through a creative approach. Theories, laws, or rules do not corner creatives; this allows for out of the box thinking.

It’s about being able to see solutions where others see problems. Of course, anyone outside of the design thinking circle will find disruptive and risky design thinking processes. Nonetheless, bringing design thinkers into a team will be complementary.

2. Understanding The Root of Problems

Design thinkers are wired to question the WHY of a problem. The motivation behind design thinking is the understanding of a problem, which heightens morale. This is why others often get it wrong, the lack of accurate understanding of problems.

To avoid misfiring in solving problems, understanding of a problem is sought by design thinkers—this helps to picture the solution with the problem in mind.

3. Adopting Powerful Storytelling Techniques

There’s a lot that storytelling can do to bring designs and brands to life. When linking solutions to problems, the place of storytelling should never be compromised. With the right storytelling, our personal and brand stories can appeal to emotions.

Data, facts, and figures can further help get your story across to the right audience. When done right, there’s a powerful and humanistic perspective to stories. When employed in design thinking, stories can help to motivate people towards solving problems.

4. Taking on Big Risks and Challenges

Design thinking is about taking risks. There’s always a limitless pool of ideas and solutions to take on. Design thinkers are not afraid of trying out innovations and making mistakes. Usually, solutions come out of these mistakes. There’s rarely anyone who does not love an honest mistake.

Risk-taking is imperative to the design process as it pushes boundaries and expands limitations. It’s about exploring humanity outside of the perfection that we tend to pursue.

5. Bringing About Impactful Design

Design thinking is a combination of creativity, empathy, and rationality as part of the problem-solving process. That’s why businesses are getting to ascribe more value to the design process and hiring right-brainers.

Since we find ourselves in a world that is in a state of puzzle, it will require the expertise and creativity of design thinkers to make a brilliant design out of the puzzle.

The time is quite right for creatives to take charge of the scheme of things and be the problem solver that they should be. Right brainers are equipped to rule the world at this point.



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