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Will React Native Replace Native App Development All Together?

React Native was developed by Facebook when it wanted to address some crucial problems and challenges while resorting to native app development. During every small update and while introducing some new features, Facebook had to completely redesign their apps. Hence Facebook wanted something that could handle big traffic and can also help in designing quickly. The developers’ team with Facebook worked on the JavaScript Library and evolved React Native which could effectively address many of their requirements and challenges faced.

React Native advantages

Unlike the case with Java and Swift code, you do not need to compile your app while developing on React Native, but you just have to reload it.

You do not need to hire two different teams for developing Android and iOS apps. While React Native can help develop cross platform compatible apps, you get to save a lot of hassles, time, effort and resources.

React Native apps performance

The apps developed on React Native perform in the similar way like the apps written on Java or Kotlin. The React Native code does well like those developed on Swift and sometimes even better. Looking from several angles, React Native appears to be the best way to develop mobile apps.

Does react Native point out to the end of native app development?

Off late, React Native is getting a lot of attention it duly deserves from the app development community worldwide. There are still developers who prefer Kotlin or Swift. If someone will ask whether the rise of react Native will lead to the demise of native mobile app development, the answers are as follows.

Experts say it is always advisable to have a number of mobile technologies around us to be able to choose the right one for arising needs. When we look at what is happening with the desktop app developers, we find them having access to a lot of programming languages and technologies. Most of them are still growing strong. We still find a lot of apps created on Ruby on Rails, Django, PHP and Node.js. Technology always addresses the arising demands.

React Native only points out to yet another option for native development as developers can still go with Android development using Java or Kotlin and IOS development on Swift. However, the prospects of growth and popularity in front of React Native appear very bright.

React Native is all set to grow into a big popularity

React Native is today growing at a phenomenal pace. Very soon, we will find a huge population of app developers working on react Native than those that will depend on Swift or Kotlin. The development scenario in the mobile ecosystem will witness a paradigm shift from the traditional type of mobile app development. The future trends are most likely to see mobile app development immensely benefiting from React Native or similar technologies that might come up side by side. At the same time, the fast-growing react Native is leading to the blurring of the popularity of JavaScript frameworks as per the Google Trends.



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